The Serve-To-Play Model

The pay-to-play model is irrelevant to Juggle the World program participants. Instead, the club teaches the importance of giving back to their community by requiring its players to engage in a series of community service opportunities. 


where we have come from

Every player in the Juggle the World program participated in our community service program in 2015 as a playing requirement. A stronger sense of community and team building resulted from this club requirement. 


where we are going

As the club proceeds into the future and expands, community service will remain a core element of the Juggle the World program. The club will focus on making the community service experiences more comprehensive and impactful as its numbers grow. The club will also foster an environment where its members will have a significant voice about when and how the community service is performed. 


who benefits

- Student-athletes by being more positively involved in their communities. 

- Community organizations needing assistance with various projects. 

- The Cities of Compton & Watts as a by-product of positive interaction with the greater community. 

Juggle The World is doing amazing things to help the less fortunate, something I will try my best to do as well when I am much older. I have no doubt that the organization will continue to help a lot of people in need and help young footballers get into colleges or wherever they wish to get in life .
— 2016 JTW Program Participant